Landwise Surveying
Professional Surveying Services

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·        PRINCIPAL SURVEYOR - Carmel, NY - Carmel Landfill Remediation. Comprehensive boundary survey, topographic integration, volume computations, line and grade construction stake-out, implementation of GPS machine control, 3D terrain modeling, and scheduled as-builts.


·        PROJECT SURVEYOR - New Haven, CT - Tomlinson Draw Bridge. Third heaviest lift-span bridge in North America. Provided all line and grade information as well as the measured analysis of the lift span fabrication at an offsite location. This survey information was used to ensure the ultimate fit between the structural towers and the lift span.

·        PROJECT SURVEYOR - Waterbury, CT - Waterbury Palace Theater
Historic redevelopment project included restoration of the theater as well as the construction of a magnet school, parking garage, and college campus retrofit into an existing set of buildings. Much of the surveying involved verifying field dimensions and architectural improvements as well as deformation monitoring of critical historic portions of the building.


·        PRINCIPAL SURVEYOR - Carmel, NY - Putnam Hospital Oncology CenterProvided all line and grade for construction after retrofitting to existing building. This state-of-the-art facility has a new linear accelerator which required precise survey measurements during construction.